The Academy.

Dear Colleagues,
It is my great pleasure to invite you to be part of the BEC&ISEVS Endovascular Academy (ISEVS Balkan Chapter) 2022 that would be held in Sofia, Bulgaria in September, 2022.
With the help and support of ISEVS, our regional endovascular meeting BEC (Balkan Endovascular Course) is becoming the most important local endovascular meeting for the whole region and is part of the program of the Regional Chapter of ISEVS. Congress Directors will be one of the most esteemed endovascular specialists in the world.

23th – 25th September 2022 • Sofia, Bulgaria

BEC&ISEVS Endovascular Academy 2022 is supported by the Bulgarian Society of Interventional Cardiology, Bulgarian Society of Cardiology, Bulgarian National Society of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, Bulgarian Society of Interventional Radiology and Bulgarian Society of Neurosurgery and with the support of all ISEVS and its esteemed worldwide members.

BEC&ISEVS Endovascular Academy is an interdisciplinary live course, designed to provide a platform, providing platform for discussion of the „vascular patients“ by integrating colleagues of different specialties from around the world who are performing endovascular interventions. We expect a large, geographically diverse audience from more than 15 countries in East and South-East Europe (incl. Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, Slovenia, Turkey, Greece, Moldova and others).
This congress is designed for broad range of specialties dealing with vascular and neurovascular pathology - interventional cardiologists, angiologists, interventional radiologists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, vascular medicine specialists, cardiac and vascular surgeons, nurses practitioners, cath lab technicians, and other health care professionals with a special interest in the field of interventional and vascular medicine, all potentially interested in modern and up to date products, medical devices and equipment.
I hope that you would consider taking a primary and significant role as one of the leading companies in the healthcare and especially in endovascular treatment of all vascular diseases. I hope that you would get back to us with your vision to become part of this important event. We rely very much on your support that will make possible the organization of one of the more important regional medical meetings.

Thank you in advance for your collaboration.

Best regards,

Prof. Ivo Petrov, MD, PhD                                     Dr. Zoran Stankov
Prof. Vassil Chervenkov, MD, PhD                Dr. Nadelin Nikolov

Prof. Vassil Velchev, MD, PhD                     Presidents
Course Directors, BEC 2022                          Bulgarian Society of Endovascular Therapy

what to expect

Live sessions with training

unique live presentation of procedures and demonstration with discussion. Endovascular topics from “head-to-toe” 

"how-to-do” sessions

hands-on experience covering all of the theory and practical applications of endovascular interventions in diffеrent vascular beds


You will catch you their data, opinions, advancements