Тhe 7th event of the academy is happening thanks to the great cooperation between the Bulgarian Society for Endovascular Therapy, the International Society of Endovascular Specialists. This edition 2022 realized by great support of The Society of Interventional Cardiology

Our mission is to unite physicians from all over the world and promote optimal healthcare with endovascular therapy.

Bulgarian Society for Endovascular Therapy supports the joint efforts of invasive cardiologists, vascular surgeons, imaging specialists, neurosurgeons, neurologists, angiography for gathering into a multidisciplinary professional organization, to create a unified standard for treating vascular diseases. Through training, building standards and protocols for working together specialists will work for the promotion of advanced medical practices and achievements worldwide. Another major task of the Bulgarian Society for Endovascular Therapy is to train doctors in Bulgaria for the implementation of modern invasive techniques through a series of training events such as courses to acquire skills which they will be certified as specialists in endovascular medicine. BSET members will be active in the promotion of methods and their importance so thеy could achieve widespread implementation in practice.
Membership in the Bulgarian Society for Endovascular Therapy is a valuable tool that will help you keep up with changing trends in the field of endovascular interventions. Although there are many reasons to join the BSET, none may be more important than providing better care for your patients. From guidelines to up to date training and direct contact with colleagues, BSET provides you with the resources you need to perform the most advanced and well-established interventional techniques in endovascular treatment.

Pеcialists (isevs) is a dedicated group of multidisciplinary physicians, students, allied health professionals, and industry leaders who collaborate through research and education to improve vascular interventions and patient care worldwide. 

The International Society of EndoVascular Specialists (ISEVS) is dedicated to enhancing global research, education and clinical expertise in the treatment of one of the world's number one killers - vascular disease. Using innovative technologies and interventional techniques ISES strives to improve patient care throughout the world.
The ISEVS mission of leadership in the continuous advancement of the diagnosis and treatment of vascular diseases will be achieved by:

  • Encouraging multi-disciplinary communication among endovascular treatment specialists including vascular surgeons, interventional cardiologists, radiologists and other medical and surgical specialists
  • Utilizing varied educational formats to stimulate research and training including research seminars, symposia, Internet communication vehicles and professional publications; and, 
  • Creating interactions with other medical and scientific societies, healthcare agencies, payors and industry management to provide optimal cost-effective solutions to vascular disease syndromes .

The Bulgarian Society of Interventional Cardiology (Bulsic) promotes education, training and research in cardiovascular intervention as well as developing and upholding both clinical and professional standards.

The Bulgarian Society of Interventional Cardiology (BDIK) was founded in 1994 as a non-profit association.
BULSIC mission is to keep the cardiovascular community in education, advocacy, research, and quality patient care, by permanent practic and useful communications, and in collaborative partnerships.