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It is my great pleasure to invite you to be a part of the BEC Endovascular Academy, that would be held in Sofia, Bulgaria in September, 2023. With the help and support of WIST and ISEVS, is becoming the most important local endovascular meeting for the whole region and is part of the program of the Regional Chapter of ISEVS. Congress Directors will be one of the most esteemed endovascular specialists in the world.

30 September - 1 October 2023 • Sofia, Bulgaria

This congress is designed for broad range of specialties dealing with vascular and neurovascular pathology - interventional cardiologists, angiologists, interventional radiologists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, vascular medicine specialists, cardiac and vascular surgeons, nurses practitioners, cath lab technicians, and other health care professionals with a special interest in the field of interventional and vascular medicine, all potentially interested in modern and up to date products, medical devices and equipment.



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international faculty list



  • Interactive case¬based discussions
  • Chance to discuss your abstracts
  • Keynote lectures from experts
  • Presentation of the latest clinical trials
  • Simulator training opportunities
  • MedTech and ArPharm accreditation
  • Live/recorded cases
  • Showcase of the newest guidelines


Тhe 8th event of the academy is happening thanks to the great cooperation between Bulgarian The Society for Endovascular Therapythe, WIST and ISEVS


Prof. Klaus Mathias


Dortmund Teaching Hospital
Department of Diagnostic & Interventional Radiology

Dr. Donald B. Reid, MD, FRCS

United Kingdom

Past President ISEVS (UK),
Consultant Vascular & Endovascular Surgeon in the NHS, Scotland

Prof. Dr. Hugo Londero, MD, PhD


Head Hemodinamics and Transcatheter Interventions Services, Sanatorio Allende Cordoba

Prof. Iris Q Grunwald, MD, PhD

United Kingdom

Interventional Neuroradiologist, Director for Neuroscience at Anglia Ruskin University, Chelmsford and Associate Medical Director at Southend University Hospital, Essex

Dr. Jacques Busquet, MD


President of the International Society of EndoVascular Specialists (ISEVS)

Dr. Ljubisa Borota


Uppsala University Hospital

Hans Henkes, MD, Phd 


Medical Director of the Neuroradiological Clinic, Klinikum Stuttgart. In 2017, Dr. Henkes received the CIRSE Award for Excellence and Innovation in Interventional Radiology

Prof. Rahul Velenini PhD FRCS 


Consultant Vascular Surgeon Edinburgh Royal Infirmary

Sevket Gorgulu, MD, PhD


Professor in Cardiology, Member of EuroCTO Club Acibadem University,Istanbul. Acıbadem Üniversitesi

Prof Victor S. Costache, MD, PhD


University "T. Maiorescu" Bucharest
Chief of cardiovascular surgery Sf Constantin Hospital

Dr Igor Koncar, MD


Vascular Surgeon at Clinic for Vascular and Endovascular Surgery Serbian Clinical Center

Ralf Langhoff, MD


Angiologist, Vascular Disease,
Sankt Gertauden-Krankenhaus, Berlin

Prof. Ivo Petrov, MD, PhD, FESC, FACC


Head of Cardiology and Angiology Department, Acibadem City Clinic Cardiovascular Center, co-president of the Bulgarian Society for Endovascular Therapy 

Prof. Vassil Chrevenkoff, MD, PhD


Head of Vascular Surgery Department, Acibadem City Clinic Tokuda Hospital, co-president of the Bulgarian Society for Endovascular Therapy 

Prof. Vassil Velchev, MD, PhD 


Invasive Cardiology Department, University Hospital "St. Anna", Sofia, Bulgaria

Theodosios Bisdas, MD


Head, Clinic of Advanced Endovascular Services, Athens Medical Center,
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH)

Mariano Palena, MD


Director endovascular surgery presso GVM Care & Research - Maria Cecilia Hospital, 
Abano Terme, Veneto, Italy; Università di Bologna

Prof. Dr. Saruhan Cekirge 


Hacettepe University Hospitals
Altindag, Ankara, Turkey

Prof. Ivan Vukasinovic, MD 


Fellow of EBNI, Neurointerventionalist at Clinical Center of Serbia

Aleksandar Gjoreski, MD, PhD,

North Macedonia

Interventional radiologist at G.C.H."8th September"- Skopje, Associate Professor of Radiology at UKIM, President of Macedonian Association of Radiologists

Deniz Bulja MD MSc

Bosnia & Herzegovina

Clinical center University of Sarajevo

Prof. Palma M. Shaw


vascular surgeon Syracuse Veterans Affairs Medical Center, NY

Ana Maria Botero, MD


 Vascular Surgeon at San Vicente Fundación 

Jeroen Boogaarts, MD


Specialist in the treatment of neurovascular diseases Radboud University Medical Centre (Radboudumc)

Prof. Alan Lumsden , MD


Houston Methodist Cardiovascular Surgery Associates, Huston

Dr. Ivan Jovanovich


Prof. Menka Lazareska 

North Macedonia

Specialist in Neuroradiology Radiology,
Acibadem Sistina

Prof. Frank Criado


Vascular Surgery,
Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Dr. Sanjay Pillai

United Kingdom

Interventional Radiologist NHS Tayside, Scotland, UK

Prof. Klaus Fassbender


Prof. Carlos Alejandro Alvarez


Master in Neuro Rehabilitation. Postgraduate Direction, Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences, Universidad Andrés Bello, Santiago, Chile

Prof. Adnan Siddiqui, MD, PhD, FAHA


Neurosurgery University at Buffalo Buffalo, NY, USA

Prof. Piotr Musialek


Jagiellonian University, Krakow (Poland)

Dimitrij Kuhelj


Ljubljana University Medical Centre | UMC · Clinical Institute of Radiology

Siimone Peschillo


Specialist in Neurosurgery, Member of the Vascular Section of EANS,
Director of the Fellowship Program in Vascular and Endovascular Neurosurgery

White Wang


president of Allergan China

Bulgarian Faculty List BEC 2023

  • Prof. Ivo Petrov, MD, PhD, FESC, FACC
  • Prof. Vassil Chrevenkoff, MD, PhD
  • Prof. Vassil Velchev, MD, PhD
  • Dimitar Nikolov, MD
  • Nurfet Alioski, MD
  • Stanimir Sirakov, MD, PhD
  • Raycho Dobricov, MD
  • Nadelin Nikolov, MD, PhD
  • Hristo Angelov, MD
  • Dimitar Nikolakov, MD
  • Nikolay Velinov, MD
  • Orlin Zlatarev, MD
  • Svetozar Matanov, MD
  • Aleksandar Sirakov, MD
  • Krasimir Minkin, MD
  • Elena Koleva, MD
  • Kalina Chupetlovska, MD
  • Zoran Stankov, MD
  • Rosen Kalpachki, MD, PhD
  • Nikolay Valchev, MD
  • Lachezar Dobrichkov, MD
  • Pavel Atanasov, MD
  • Marko Klisurski, MD, PhD
  • Valeri Gelev, MD
  • Milena Staneva, MD
  • Dobrin Vassilev, MD, PhD
  • Lozev, MD
  • Zlatanov, MD
  • Nedevska, MD
  • Stoyanov, MD
  • Alexander Alexandrov, MD
  • Stefan Stefanoiv, MD, PhD
  • Nikolay Stoyanov, MD 
  • Ivan Martinov, MD 
  • Iveta Tasheva, MD, PhD
  • Mariana Konteva, MD, PhD
  • Arman Postadjian, MD, PhD
  • Arman Postadjian, MD, PhD
  • Svetlin Tsonev, MD, PhD
  • Damyan Boychev, MD
  • Teodor Kovachev



The Bulgarian Society for Endovascular Therapy supports the efforts of invasive cardiologists, vascular surgeons, imaging specialists, neurosurgeons, angiologists and neurologists to join a multidisciplinary professional organization to create a single standard for the peripheral vascular disease treatment. Through training, standards-setting, and protocols for working together, professionals will work to promote cutting-edge medical practices and achievements worldwide. Another major task for the Bulgarian Society of Endovascular Therapy is to prepare physicians in Bulgaria for the application of modern invasive techniques through a series of training events such as qualification courses, to which they will be certified as specialists in endovascular medicine.
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This hotel enjoys an excellent location in the center of Sofia.

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2023 witnessed a revolution in International Congress focus and format through stronger global society alliances, an expanded multidisciplinary program, and greater opportunity for interaction between attendees and audience. BSET organized for 8th edition of BEC Endovascular Academy!

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